Friday, November 1, 2019

The postcolonial of The Tempest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The postcolonial of The Tempest - Essay Example As this agony of slavery preceded the natives longed for freedom and liberty, they took initiatives to find other colonists who could resist the original colonists. This strategy could not help them to establish peace and harmony in the society, and even the natives would be more brutally enslaved and exploited. The captured or enslaved resembled Caliban who wanted to depend on a jester Trinculo and a drunken butler Stephano to kill his master Prospero to retake the ownership of this island. Shakespearean plays are highly associated with the then current issues of the society. To be precise, the play The Tempest clearly depicts the class structure of the era with Prospero being at the top, Ariel in the middle, and Caliban at the lower end. Many postcolonial characteristics are showed in the drama called ‘The Tempest’. Although all characters may not influence everyone, at least a few characteristics will have a kind of influence on the reader or viewer. The two character istics that would touch every reader are â€Å"the master and the slave† and â€Å"The identity of postcolonial†. The master Prospero plays a significant role, making plots to protect his daughter and to avenge his enemies. Sarwoto purports, ‘Prospero lands on an island and enslaves a native inhabitant, Caliban, who is considered as savage and uncivilized’ (2). ... In addition, Ariel who contributes remarkably in his revenge is identified as an airy spirit, which serves the master Prospero in the magic performed in the island. She is also in great desire for freedom from the bondage as being enslaved by Prospero. The identity of Prospero is of high value as he was the Duke of Milan but was usurped by his own brother over a period of time. Therefore, no doubt that the master Prospero belongs to a higher class and race of Milan, identity of postcolonial class varies from one to the other, as the identity of Ariel and Caliban is entirely different and low class. They are well identified as the servants who long for freedom, connecting with the situation of natives, they are real sufferers. Master and slave is essential characteristic to describe the postcolonial. Prospero is the symbol of European colonial power. Caliban is one of the strongest symbols of post colonialism. Caliban, as a native of the land, experiences a most painful situation in h is life, compelled to do all works forcefully and not willingly. And Ariel is the other example for this characteristic of post colonialism. Although she has exceptional power, she serves the master. Knowing the past shaping the life is very important, it shows the play that how the master and the slave have achieved success. At first, Prospero the master of the drama undergoes the greatest crisis in life that he is being overthrown by his own brother and banished. However, he does not give up, and he is an optimistic. He prepares his power for a long period of twelve years in the island and strengthens himself with the assistance of the slaves. Whereas, Ariel

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