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Value Based Leadership free essay sample

The Mens Wearhouse, Inc. is one of the most thriving gentlemens department storehouse franchises in the U. S, that dominate the male tailor-made fashion field. It has achieved this by providing men with a relaxed environment to purchase high end style clothing at below chain store prices. To entice males, who especially loathe shopping, the depositories were positioned in chic centers close to consumers’ households and employment, eradicating the need to walk through huge shopping malls. Well-skilled, employees provide excellent advice, with fitters in every single store and customers have the luxury of getting their purchases tailored for the lifetime of the garment. The mixture of these features as well as hard-hitting broadcasting and TV marketing contributed to a regular increase in purchases and profits in an extremely shattered industry. The chain operates TV and broadcasting advertisements starring founder George Zimmer, and the often repetitive catchphrase, Youre going to like the way you look; I guarantee it. We will write a custom essay sample on Value Based Leadership or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Shared values, solidarity, and the philosophy of servant-leadership are the foundations upon which the business is created. That foundation, united with an entertaining and domestic like environment, makes the Mens Wearhouse a fantastic place to be employed. The business is also totally devoted to equivalent employment opportunities in values and as well as rules and procedures. This guarantee is a contract of non- inequity in all facets of work. The employee policies and procedures offer equal opportunities to all to apply without regard to ethnic groups, color, gender, origin, faith, veteran rank, age, orientation of sex, disabilities, or matrimonial status. Companys value-based leadership practices The Men’s Wearhouse retails clothing, however it is their staff that are the core of their company with their employee centered climate of culture. The standard is that there is no worthier path achievement than to produce and promote an atmosphere in which their individuals can develop, succeed, and prosper. Culturally the company is instituted on a primary set of values that include fostering originality, developing collectively, acknowledging faults and errors, encouraging a favorable and healthful standard of living, improving a sense of society, and determination in becoming self-sufficient individuals. The company believes that their remarkable achievement through the years is linked directly to fulfilling their core ethic and morals in addition to their influence in their pledges to staff, consumers, merchants, stockholders, and community. Opportunities for Promotion There are great opportunities for advancement team members at the Men’s Wearhouse. Even though there is more than five hundred plus stores currently, the company is constantly developing at the rate thirty retail stores per year. With this kind of growth, along with an assertive purchasing program, innovative opportunities are generating cross country or motivated staff, particularly since the Men’s Warehouse mainly promotes within the company. Their strategy of promoting internally is a significant factor of their company philosophy and has been an essential component in their remarkable accomplishment. They only prefer individuals in managerial standings that are fully acquainted with, and have completely incorporated, the servant-leader viewpoint. The brainchild of Robert Greenleaf, Servant Leadership is a contemporary concept of leadership that claims that the most successful managers are servants of their associates. Servant leaders acquire outcomes for their group by way of complete concentration to their subordinates and subordinates needs. Not like various methods to leadership, which suggest how senior managers can manipulate and encourage those furthest down the chain of command, servant leaders place its importance on teamwork, trust, compassion and beliefs. The manager has a duty to be a servant first, managing from an aspiration to serve others better and not to achieve additional control. The hypothesis is that if managers concentrate on the desires of their followers, the follower will respond through improved joint efforts, multifaceted engagement and enhanced accomplishments. Quality Training Programs A foundation stone of Men’s Wearhouse’s achievement is their pledge to encourage employee development throughout widespread and continuing education curricula. Their instruction seeks to accentuate individual and professional growth, worker empowerment, and developing quality relations with coworkers and consumers. They include a multidimensional method to preparation that comprises complete starting programs attached with a succession of ongoing -educational forums. The Men’s Wearhouse emphasizes honesty and service. Personnel, educated in consumer skills, are also handled like family, with everybody on a first-name origin, and nearly all were hired on a full time status. At company donates a fraction of pre-tax profits to charitable organizations, creating character for the business as being socially accountable. Merchants are also treated well, and the business has never withdrawn an order. Team guidance had always been a significant role of Mens Wearhouses approach, and all staff goes through a three diurnal Suit University course operated at the businesses administrative head office. The company wants all of their employees to feel that they are being treated equally beginning at their Suit University. It begins with an all expenses trip paid in full to northern California, where the employees are indoctrinated with the company philosophy. Other sessions include; marketing procedures, information on merchandise, in-house training summits, and social happenings. Staff is educated in how to select entire wardrobes for patrons, instead of just a pair of pants. Additionally in 1995, the business created an audiovisual in which a sales assistant directed the spectator on a directed journey of what is desired for a comprehensive company walk-in wardrobe. The audiovisual was dispersed to each retail store. Although executives could display it in the storehouse the business had a larger purpose: presenting free style shows at neighborhood businesses. Executives distributed copies of the video free of cost to human resource managers or other business acquaintances, with an accompanying mailing offering to hold a public fashion show for their male personnel, at the store or on site of another store. Lastly, the Mens Wearhouse was aggressively included in reutilizing and recycling, in the form of utilizing hemp manuscripts, and in maintaining environmental causes. The Mens Wearhouse has never relied upon large industry development but mainly on the businesses’s grander basics and growth projection.

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