Saturday, February 22, 2020

Xculture Project- Disneyland in Dubai Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Xculture Project- Disneyland in Dubai - Essay Example First of all, Disneyland can benefit from a stable politics since a government that has good reputation in the world market is one factor that can affect the inflow of foreign investors and tourists. By examining the political stability of each chosen country, it is possible to detect which among the three chosen countries is the best place to expand the business. Strategic location is very important when selecting the best place to expand the business. To benefit from economies of scale, Disneyland should select a country that is located far away from other Disneyland’s existing amusement parks. With the use of effective geographic strategies, the company will benefit from being able to make its products and services readily available to all people around the world. The economic stability of a country also matters when it comes to selecting the best place. In most cases, a stable economy readily invites more people from different countries to visit the country. Aside from having a relatively low crime rate, the presence of an economic stability will also give the tourists more reasons to visit the country. In this study, three countries where Disneyland is not yet operating include Dubai, the Philippines, and India. As compared to India, Dubai and the Philippines have a strong political stability (Biswas, 2012; Government of Dubai, 2012; Morella, 2012). During the past century, Dubai is globally known for having a stable political environment and low crime rate (Government of Dubai, 2012). With regards to fighting graft and corruption, the political stability of the Philippines was recently made possible under the strong leadership of President Benigno Aquino (Morella, 2012). Graft and corruption in India is still very rampant (Biswas, 2012). In terms of having a high inflation rate and economic growth, the economic stability of India is not good (Biswas, 2012). Therefore, it is best to immediately disregard this country in the business expansion plan of Disneyland. Between the Philippines and Dubai, it is important to consider the geographic location and economic stability of these t wo countries. Specifically the economic stability of Dubai attracts not only new foreign investors but also more tourists (Government of Dubai, 2012). Because of political stability, the Philippines was recently reported to have a 6.1% growth rate as of the first quarter of 2012 (Harjani, 2012). Since the economic status of the Philippines and Dubai are both positive in terms of economic growth rate, it is best on the part of the company to consider the strategic location of these two countries. Aside from being close to the Africa, Dubai is situated between the Far East and Europe (Government of D

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