Saturday, October 19, 2019

Account for Amartya Sen's Approach to Development as Freedom Essay

Account for Amartya Sen's Approach to Development as Freedom - Essay Example This essay stresses that the connection between development and freedom has been subject to many debates. This is because while some people view freedom as a great partner to progress, while others believe that individual freedom leads to adversity and slows down development. Let us begin by looking at the definitions of both terms. Development is defined by Lawn as â€Å"an evolutionary process involving the qualitative improvement in the human condition over time". Freedom on the other hand is â€Å"the possibility for choosing what is good lying immanent within the plurality of alternatives which appear more or less good†. This paper makes a conclusion that Sen has observed that freedom is not mainly the primary end of development, but rather the main means. There are wide varieties of freedoms and all are remarkably linked through various mechanisms. These freedoms range from political freedoms, which help to promote economic security and provide social opportunities to other forms of freedom. Freedom links economic prosperity and development and can be strengthened by other freedoms. When freedom opportunities prevail, individuals can easily shape their destiny and the end result is prevalence in the free and sustainable agency. Individuals can easily shape their destiny in the presence of adequate social opportunities. For this reason, Sen’s work is applied by economists worldwide. It also holds no threat since it is humane in nature.

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