Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ethics and Law in Business and Society Research Paper

Ethics and Law in Business and Society - Research Paper Example Significant analysis and evaluation of the policies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of these policies. Lastly, the study will provide some recommendation plans in order to overcome the possible issues and challenges. History of the Act It is important for the government, authorized bodies and employers to take care of the needs of the employees in an organization as employees are considered as one of the major assets of an organization. Significant work performance of the skilled and effective employees helps the business organization to achieve significant growth rate. In addition to this, effective business performs ace of the business units ensures economic growth of a nation. This specific act or program was required in order to cover and support the basic rights of the employees in an organization. This Federal Employees’ compensation act was developed in the year 1916 to ensure social welfare. This act was developed in order o support those employees w ho are physically or mentally unable to justify job responsibility. The major objective behind the development for the acts and programs was basically for a good social cause. It was highly important for the employees who are disabled, retired or physically challenged to get the benefits from the employers or from the federal government or from the authorized bodies to look after himself and his family. These funds can be provided to all the employees who are affected due to the workplace-related issues. In addition to this, several Federal Employees’ Compensation Act programs were started to organize by the federal government in order to improve the scenario of the society. According to this act, an individual can get different benefits based on the eligibility. The elements of the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act program include several aspects. According to this act, each and every mentally or physically affected employee in a workplace can get significant compen sation or service benefits (Ullmann, 2003). It is important for an organization to ensure healthy and safe workplace environment. The federal government of United States of America supported this act and act related programs to ensure the security of each and every disabled employee. Several types of benefit policies are proposed and developed in order to improve the lifestyle of these types of federal employees. However, the policymakers failed to develop the policy measures that created several conflicts and issues in later part. Several differentiated policies were developed and implemented under this Federal Employees’ Compensation Act in the year 1974 due to rising problems and issues in the states. however, the federal government of United States of America and other policymakers somehow failed to fulfill its overall objective due to lack of effective policy measures and i9nadequate development of eligibility criteria.

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