Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Human Resource Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Human Resource Planning - Essay Example At the moment, the organization needs to hire competent individuals that are capable of providing the services. The problem of limited cash flows is affecting the recruitment process; the company simply cannot pay for quality services. In the coming years, the organization will be in dire need of individuals that are capable of promoting the company’s image to attract more donors. Currently, the cash flows are dwindling, and it is negatively effecting everything that the company does. The company needs healthy donations to effectively run its operations. Relying solely on volunteers is harmful to ‘going concern’ of the company. First and foremost, Juanita needs to get her authority, and power expanded. Without the power to effectively manage people and resources she will remain ineffective, and the company will never get out of hot waters. Juanita is already on the right track. Instead of making frequent appointments, she has setup her group over the email, and she is in touch with them. Juanita is new, and she is learning more about the company every day. The first step is obviously meeting the company personnel and assuring them that the HR manager is there to help achieve better results for the company. The first step towards improving employee performance is to cut the dead weight. Juanita did her research and found that there are people in the company who do not have any significant work, but they are still getting the paychecks. If the company carries on the same pattern it will have ripple effects as others will see that idlers are getting paid for doing nothing so why should they work so hard. Second, the company needs to formulate its HR policy exactly according to the laws that apply to a Non for Profit organization. This will help promote the better image of the company as new recruits will notice that the company operates in accordance with

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